Replaceable Earphones Concept, Yay or Nay?

Paul Lilly

One of the latest concepts floating around on Yanko Designs' website is a DIY Earphone System with replaceable earbuds. The idea is pretty simple: user replaceable earphones plug into a central module with media controls. When the earbuds stop functioning, as they're prone to do, you just plug in a new pair.

We see some potential here, but only if manufacturers get on board with cheaper headphones. For something like this to be worthwhile, you would have to assume that the major expense lies in the central module, otherwise this isn't much different than buying a complete set of earphones to replace the ones that broke.

And that's where we see things falling apart. A cheap set of earphones only runs a few dollars at Walmart, so how much could this concept really save you? And when you're talking about higher end earphones, you're paying for the speaker technology, not the control module.

Maybe we're overlooking something here, and that's where you come in. Other than the ability to plug two sets of earphones into a single central module, do you see this idea as a bust, or is there some great potential that we're missing? Sound off in the comments section below!

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