Reocities Strives to Keep the Geocities Memory Alive

Ryan Whitwam

Now that Geocities has been shuttered for good by Yahoo, do you find yourself wanting to have just one more look around? Geocities may have been home to some of the ugliest, most poorly designed sites in existence, but it was special to a lot of people. For many, it was their first foray into the internet – the first real hub of content creation we all shared. If you fall into this category, you’re in luck . You can head on over to Reocities and see a sizable chunk of the once great webhost.

Riocities is a one man project started only six days before the shutdown that aimed to save the Silicon Valley “neighborhood” in Geocities. Riocities owner, Jacques, created a script to rescue Geocities pages by copying them to his personal storage space. He eventually expanded his project to grab as many Geocities neighborhoods as possible. All told, he saved about 600,000 pages from extinction.

All this was done on a 10Mb connection. That’s commitment. There may not be anything really worth saving in Geocities, but now we have the time to find out. So feel free to dive into this world of animated GIFs and MIDI background music at Reocities .

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