Renders Give a Glimpse of Apple's Upcoming Headquarters

Paul Lilly

It's circular to promote collaboration

Before he passed away, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs helped design his company's new headquarters with renowned architect Sir Norman Robert Foster. Called "Apple Campus 2," the new headquarters will reside on a 176-acre plot in Cupertino. The main building -- a circular spaceship (the Mothership) intentionally devoid of rectangles and squares which, along with long buildings and buildings with more than four stories, have been deemed to inhibit collaboration -- will take up 2.8 million square feet with room for 13,000 employees.

While knowledge of the planned campus isn't new, Wired dug up 20 never-before-seen renders of the Mothership and surrounding area, which consists of a man-made forest in the northeast corner of Cupertino. There's a two-level, 2,000 space parking garage underneath the main facility. There's also an underground auditorium, a 90,000 square-foot cafeteria, and all kinds of excess.

Estimates have the project's budget at $5 billion and growing. As it stands today, the site is 20 percent landscape, the rest covered by buildings and asphalt, Wired says. The goal is to have it complete by 2016, with every last detail planned out, including the placement of every single tree. When it's finished, it will be 80 percent landscape. Due to the climate, there won't be a need for air conditioning or heating because of natural ventilation. The facility will also run on 100 percent renewable energy, having one of the largest solar arrays in the world.

Check out the renderings (and video) and let us know what you think.

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