Reminder: New Netflix Pricing Goes into Effect Today

Ryan Whitwam

That rumbling you hear off in the distance is not thunder. Rather, it's the sound of millions of Netflix users quietly cursing as the new higher rates kick in. It was mid-July when the disc and streaming supplier announced the updated plans, and this is the day it all goes down. Will there be fallout?

For the last few years, users enjoyed free streaming included with most Netflix disc plans. As the company shifts more toward streaming, it became apparent that they needed to extract more value from what was to become their core business. So starting today, there are separate streaming and dics plans. Streaming goes for $7.99 and the disc plans vary , but start at $7.99.

The obvious result is that the cheap single disc and streaming option jumped from $9.99 to $15.98. Many users have vowed to cancel the service, or at least ditch discs, which is just what Netflix wants. Are you planning to make a change before your next billing cycle starts?

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