Relax Facebook Fanatics, the Social Network is (and Always Will Be) Free

Paul Lilly

Facebook has given its users plenty to rage about the over years, from bungled privacy settings to a constant repainting of the social network's canvas. But one thing you can't fault Facebook for is charging subscription fees. Contrary to rumors, Mark Zuckerberg isn't planning to roll out tiered subscription plans, no matter how many people on your Friends list post otherwise.

"A rumor on the Internet caught our attention. We have no plans to charge for Facebook. It's free and always will be," a note reads on Facebook's official profile.

News that the social networking site would always remain free was well received by the Facebook faithful over the weekend. The post has so far garnered over 444,000 "Likes" and nearly 45,000 user comments.

The rumor that Facebook was moving to a fee-based subscription model spread like wildfire the past couple of days. It was posted in response to Facebook's recent Timeline announcement and claimed the site would begin charging "due to the new profile changes."

Facebook hardly needs to charge a subscription fee. It's free to use because it makes billions of dollars in advertising and is worth more than $75 billion. And also because, we'll, you're the product.

Original Image Credit: Geek & Poke

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