Registry Cleaning

Nathan Edwards

The Dog asked readers for their feedback regarding registry cleaners, and more specifically, RegCure , which the Dog took a hard look at in the July issue. The upshot? The handful of readers who use RegCure reported no serious issues with the application, but only one person felt that it actually improved system performance. While others thought that registry cleaners in general have nominal value as performance enhancers, some saw other reasons to use them.

Reader Eric Pullen says, “From a software/device-driver testing perspective, CCleaner has done a pretty good job of removing remnants of keys left behind by subpar software and device driver uninstallers. So CCleaner can act as a testing shortcut in certain cases, if you don’t have the time or feel the need to reload an entire clean OS image. CCleaner’s registry tool also works as a quick spyware checker. I had a case in which Windows Defender kept finding a malware program every so many days after deleting it, and I was able to track down the specific DLL file that was the culprit because CCleaner showed the orphan registry entry that remained after Windows Defender said it “removed” the threat. It was this registry entry that kept re-installing the malware from the suspect DLL file after a PC reboot.”

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