Register your MSI 6-series hardware for replacement

Gordon Ung

MSI has announced the formal details of its replacement program for Sandy Bridge motherboards and is asking consumers to register their boards for replacement by the end of April.

The eligible motherboards include the: P67A-GD65, H67MA-ED55, P67A-GD55, H67MA-E45, P67A-GD53, H67MS-E43, P67A-C45, H67MS-E33, P67A-C43, and P67S-C43.

MSI also said that those who purchased the MSI GT680R-008US notebook using the Intel PM67 chipset are also asked to register the notebook for replacement. The company said those who have purchased notebooks with the HM67 chipsets will be eligible for an upgrade to the next-generation gaming notebook when they are available.

For those who live under a rock, the replacement program is due to a bug discovered in the Intel 6-series chipset that may lead to some SATA ports degrading and failing over time.

Consumers may alternatively contact the retailer where they purchased the hardware for return or refund or they may register the hardware with MSI for a replacement. For more information visit: . Don’t know what all the fuss is over? Read up here .

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