Reference to Internet Explorer 10 Found in IE9

Paul Lilly

Technology is sort of like Father Time, in that it waits for no one. So while you're getting acquainted with Microsoft's newly released Internet Explorer 9 browser, the Redmond outfit is already paving a path to IE10, proof of which can be found hidden inside IE9. If you dig deep enough, you'll find a dialog box referencing Microsoft's next-generation browser.

"Internet Explorer 10 is now available. Get the most from the web. Upgrade from Internet Explorer 9 to Internet Explorer 10 for a fast, clean, and more trusted web browsing experience," the dialog box reads."

A Russian website first discovered the dialog box before unearthed the same tidbit in the English language version. What you can take away from this is that IE10 is most likely already in development -- something you can never assume with Microsoft, which waited five years before updating IE6 to IE7 -- and that IE might be getting an upgrade system separate from Windows Update. It's believed that IE10 will be the default browser in Windows 8.

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