Reduced Xoom Orders Suggest a Successor is on the Horizon

Paul Lilly

It seems premature to start thinking about a Xoom tablet, but with the recent emphasis on ultra-slim tablets, maybe the time is right, after all. There are reports that Motorola's planning to reduce orders for its Xoom tablet beginning in the second quarter of this year, suggesting that a follow-up act is on the way.

According to DigiTimes , Xoom orders for the first quarter of 2011 will reach 700,00 to 800,000 units as expected, But starting in the second quarter, orders will drop gradually each month, decreasing to 300,000 units in April, down from 400,000 to 500,000 in March. In May, orders will drop to 300,000. By the end of June, Motorola will have stopped placing orders altogether, DigiTimes says.

The news and rumor site says this is indicative of a second generation Xoom tablet launching sometime in the second half of the year. That seems awfully early to us, but don't rule it out. Samsung just announced a pair of new ultra-thin Galaxy Tabs, including a 10.1-inch device built around Google's Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) platform. That means there's a dogfight brewing for second place in the tablet wars, behind Apple's iPad.

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