Redmond Rolls Out Its Fall Lineup of Vista Ultimate Extras


Windows Vista Ultimate users, it's time to check Windows Update for another group of Ultimate Extras, the first new ones since April .

Here's what's new:

  • Microsoft Tinker, a new casual game
  • Ultimate Extras game sounds from Microsoft Tinker
  • Dream Scene Content Pack #4

The total download size for all three is 120.8MB.

Microsoft Tinker, developed for Microsoft  by Fuel Industries , puts you in control of an old-school robot that's exploring a miniature world.  Move to each level's destination by moving blocks, jumping on elevator buttons, and destroying objects. Along the way, you can also turn switches on and off and collect cog wheels. You can control your journey with the arrow keys on the keyboard, an Xbox 360 controller, or a Windows Media Center remote. You can also record a video of a game level, and while you play, a cool jazz soundtrack keeps your spirits up.

Game sounds from Microsoft Tinker make up the second Ultimate Extra, joining previous audio Ultimate Extras Glass and Pearl.

Dream Scene Content Pack #4 adds three variations on a mountain lake at sunset (see illustration) to previous full-motion wallpaper offerings.

To learn more about Ultimate Extras and other offers for Windows Ultimate users, drop by  the Ultimate PC website .

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