Redesigned Das Keyboard Gets an Oversized Volume Knob, USB 3.0 Hub



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I'll stick to my Ducky DK9008 Shine II

Good response, phenomenal build quality, and backlit keys. Although, I will say, if Das makes a version of this with backlit keys, it would be really hard to say no.



I have an older DAS Pro Silent that I use daily at work. It is a great keyboard. I created a script with AutoHotKey for the media functions. It has been an awesome board for me, especially considering I picked it up for $40.

This would have been almost perfect for me if it had back lighting. I really wish they had done something different with the media keys. They aren't awful really but they just feel off to me.

I have a CM QFR with Blues at home that is pretty good as well. I have been looking for a full size replacement for it though. My biggest issue is that after less than two years the paint is peeling in some places on the top surfaces.


Ghost XFX

...It's too early to get a new Das!!!

I keep telling them: Backlit keys....



I skipped over the DAS Keyboard for lack of dedicated media buttons... But I'll skip over it again since they did a pretty meh job implementing it.

The Logitech G710+ and Corsair K70 did it right, I think.