Redbox Confirms Streaming Service is Coming



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I'm not sure I'd like Redbox teaming up with Amazon as their streaming partner.  Amazon seems to think that $4 to $5 is a good price to RENT a video on demand when I can get it from Redbox for $1.  I wonder what they would charge for a monthly streaming service.



Sadly, the only thing keeping me from using netflix is their lack of support for on-demand streaming to linux desktops.  If redbox can offer streaming to linux desktops, they won me over already.  

Boxee just added support for netflix, so it IS possible for netflix to do on-demand streaming in linux...not a technical issue as some have said.  Hopefully redbox supports linux desktops better.



I don't see redbox having a problem breaking into the streaming business. If they only increase revenue by a little bit it will still be a win for redbox. They have already slayed the brick and mortar stores. I can't say if I like netflix or redbox better. I love the instant gratification that only costs a dollar at a redbox.. and not being locked into a monthly payment. Then again netflix library is pretty vast and they have the turn around time on your movie by mail down to almost a science now.


All in all some competition for netflix can only be looked at as a good thing even if redbox doesn't end up being a better alternative.



The hardest thing about streaming from redbox would be standing in front of one of those kiosks for an hour and a half.


Ryan Whitwam



"Already Netflix is getting pushback from those that feel their low prices devalue the content."

To the content owners, Netflix's low prices don't devaule your content.  Making stupid statements like this devalue your content.

As for Redbox, if they aren't able to keep the movies for months at a time, I'll pass.  I enjoy my freedom with Netflix - adding several items to the queue and watching them over a few months - and the DVR.  I will not return to the days of my daily/weekly/seasonal schedule being at the mercy of TV and movie execs.