Redbox Reaches One Billionth Movie Rental Milestone

Paul Lilly

Those Redbox kiosks you see scattered all over the place are proving immensely popular, as evidenced by Redbox recently serving up its one billionth movie rental. It took six years for Redbox to reach the billion rental milestone.

"One billion rentals is an incredible milestone as Redbox has quickly become the local video store for millions of consumers nationwide," said Mitch Lowe , president, Redbox. "Our popularity is a testament to our customers' loyalty and our steadfast commitment to making movie rentals affordable and convenient for our consumers."

To celebrate the occasion, Redbox is giving its renters a free one-night movie rental throughout the month of September. All they have to do is enter their unique DVD code found on their Redbox rental at to get the promo code.

There are now over 24,000 Redbox kiosks in the U.S. serving up more than 9.5 million rentals a week, including Blu-ray titles,.

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