Redbox Confirms Streaming Service is Coming

Ryan Whitwam

We've been hearing rumblings for months now that Redbox has been laying the groundwork to challenge Netflix in video streaming. Redbox president Mitch Lowe has now confirmed this fact in a meeting with analysts. According to Lowe, the service would be a subscription-based model, much like Netflix.

Redbox is expected to launch their streaming service with a partner that has yet to be named. Sources familiar with the negotiations have pegged Amazon as the most likely suitor. Amazon's on-demand video service has had some trouble getting traction and an alliance with Redbox could be just the thing they need.

We're curious to see how Redbox manages their relationship with content owners. Already Netflix is getting pushback from those that feel their low prices devalue the content. Does Netflix already own the market, or is there space for another?

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