Redbox Blu-Ray Rentals Pegged at $1.50 a Pop

Paul Lilly

If you thought that Redbox would charge a premium for Blu-ray rentals, you were right, but it still might be less than what you were anticipating. That is, unless you were anticipating $1.49. In that case, go ahead and shake an angry fist at Redbox for gouging you for a penny more than you were prepared for.

While nothing is written in stone just yet, Redbox president Mitch Lowe says that his kiosks will in all likelihood r ent out Blu-ray flicks for $1.50 per night, which is just 50 cents more than the $1 fee for regular DVDs. You can expect Redbox to start stocking its kiosks with Blu-ray titles within the next few months, Lowe added.

According to Lowe, nearly 17 percent of Redbox customers own a Blu-ray player. By adding Blu-rays to the mix, Lowe says Redbox's 23 percent share of the market could help drive Blu-ray adoption, especially with consumer awareness of Redbox checking at 72 percent in April, compared to just 17 percent in February 2009.

Image Credit: Redbox

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