RED Scarlet to be Officially Announced November 3rd

Ryan Whitwam

Do you have thousands and thousands of dollars to spend, and also a love of super-high quality video? Then mark your calendar for November 3 when RED will be announcing details and shipping info for the new RED Scarlet video camera. RED has been making changes to the device in preparation for its debut, but CEO Jim Jannard is keeping things nice and vague for now.

The Scarlet has been in development for the last few years, but RED has managed to keep potential buyers interested with the occasional video tease. The Scarlet is expected to be capable of capturing 3072x1620 at 120FPS video. This camera is a more consumer-oriented version of the RED Epic professional camera.

Still, the Scarlet is not for the average consumer. This video camera is expected to sell for around $5000, but we won’t know the final price until November.

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