Red Hat Disses Oracle, Questions Open Source Status - Oh Snap!

Paul Lilly

Following the acquisition of Sun Microsystems, some analysts have heralded Oracle as the biggest and baddest open source vendor on the block, but not everyone is buying it. Some, like Paul Cormier, president of products and technologies at Red Hat, don't even consider Oracle to be an open source company at this point, let alone the largest one.

"I wouldn't even consider calling them an open source company at all," Cormier said . "When you're making a choice as a company on what's open and what's closed then your customers suffer."

Cormier went on to accuse Sun of sometimes holding back "the good stuff" from the open source community in developing MySQL, claiming that "open is not just seeing the code. Open is also having a community of developer. OpenSolaris is not open. There is no community other than Sun people developing Solaris."

Cormier did admit that there are some parts of Oracle he would consider open, but nothing that approaches the level of openness at Red Hat.

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