Red Hat Asks Supreme Court to Ban Practice of Patenting Software

Paul Lilly

Red Hat, the self proclaimed world's leading open source technology solutions provider, has a bone to pick with not just patent trolls, but shady software patents in general. As such, Red Hat has filed a petition with the Supreme Court seeking to ban software patents.

"Red Hat continues its commitment to the free and open source software community by taking a strong position against bad software patents," Red Hat VP Rob Tiller said . "Our patent system is supposed to foster innovation but, for open source and software in general, it does the opposite."

Tiller went on to complain that software patents end up slowing and discouraging software innovation, arguing that "patent trolls" have exploited the current legal system by constructing lawsuits that further confuse the hundreds of thousands of patents that "cover abstract technology in vague and difficult-to-interpret terms."

Red Hat says oral arguments are scheduled for November 9, giving you plenty of time to read the full brief here (PDF) .

Image Credit: Flickr Joe Gratz

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