Red Faction: Armageddon Surfacing in March 2011

Nathan Grayson

Last year’s Red Faction: Guerilla was the best kind of pleasant surprise, literally blowing away our expectations with its go-anywhere, destroy-everything approach to sci-fi rebellion. The fact that the main character bore more than a passing resemblance to Jason Statham also didn’t hurt. The fact that he swung a two ton hammer around like it was made of paper mache, however, did. As in, it hurt enemies. A lot.

And now the game’s getting a sequel , which has us doing a thematically appropriate happy dance in the form of a modified (read: awful) version of the dance seen in M.C. Hammer’s “Hammer Time.” Due for release next March, Red Faction: Armageddon sees an ancient race of aliens drive humanity underground. Playing as Darius Mason, grandson of Jason Statham Alec Mason, you’ll lead a resistance movement against your spiky, toothy foes, reconstructing old technology and using something called a “Magnet Gun” as you go.

Exciting, right? Well, yes and no. Armageddon sounds like it’ll be more like the first two Red Faction games in many ways (underground mine setting, etc.), meaning it probably won’t follow the open-world format established by Guerrilla. Problem is, Guerrilla was at its best when you were driving cars through buildings, hammering foes like they were crooked nails, and just generally wreaking havoc. Take all that away and you have a set of barely above-average shooter levels.

Right now, THQ is describing Armageddon as a “shooter,” which – combined with the underground setting -- has us a bit worried. Hopefully our fears will be put to rest during next week’s E3 conference, but for now, why not watch the game’s trailer and judge for yourself?

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