Record-Breaking File-Sharing Case Gets Underway in Sweden

Ryan Whitwam

Sweden is no stranger to file sharing cases, but a case that has just gotten underway in the country is a real outlier. A Swedish woman, aged 58, is accused of sharing over 45,000 music tracks online. The staggering scale of this case has the prosecution talking about a possible jail sentence.

Interestingly, this case does not revolve around torrents, as most now do. Rather, the accused infringement occurred in 2007, when the defendant is alleged to have used a Direct Connect (DC) client to connect to a sharing hub. As the case began, the woman admitted that she had downloaded some tracks in the past, and the defence didn’t even really object to the 45,000 track number, which seems like an error in judgement.

The prosecutino may only have proof of 50 or so infringements, but log files from a search of the woman's PC could be enough to get to that 45,000 number. The case will likely hinge on whether or not the woman knew that the tracks were being shared. TorrentFreak suggests that given the advanced age of the judges, the outlook is not good. A verdict is expected in two weeks.

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