Rebuilt Opera Browser Now Available for Windows and Mac



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Opera always had a load of problems that would never go away. But it was much more user friendly and useful than other browsers. Certainly wasn't as "heavy". But the latest move didn't justify anything. The fact that we are essentially using Chrome is sickening. Opera is dead. Plain and simple. It does not matter if they eventually throw in features that were missing before. This will have the same privacy issues as always. And it might feel "light" right now. As they add more to it, it will begin to crash just like Chromium. And it will be the same experience as Chrome. Feels good after firing it up. Then hangs like a concrete block on a string. NO THANKS. Opera threw up the white flag. They are done. And so am I. Firefox is the only browser I have left for now. But I am sure some developer will capitalize and come out with one that will beat all. And without resorting to trickery that Google does in trying to invade privacy.



I've used Opera as my main browser since v3 at which time I PAID to have an ad-free experience. I've always touted the advanced features that Opera sported which were so frequently copied by the big 3. Sure Presto was getting long in the tooth with memory leaks and slow rendering, and compatibility was always a little spotty. I must admit that I was excited to hear that Opera would be rocking the Chrome browsers rendering engine with the update from v12. Well when I installed v15 (Did the Opera devs forget how to count?) I was sorely disappointed. Not only was this *not* Opera, it wasn't even Chrome with an Opera badge. It has to be the browser with the LEAST amount of features imaginable. I think Mosaic had more going for it! I've resigned myself that my beloved Opera browser is dead. The fact that this story has been on the Maximum PC site for 8 days and I'm comment #4 speaks to that, but more so the fact that the Opera Facebook page, which has 5.1m "likes" has a little over 200 "likes" on it's wall post announcing the new version. There are over 100 replies bemoaning the release and all the ways in which Opera has ruined their browser. Here's to hoping someone builds a Firefox extension to allow for tab stacking the Opera v12 works.



It's a very bare-bones browser now. No bookmarks? Really? They actually tell you that you should get an add on to have bookmarks. What kind of browser doesn't have this basic functionality?
I've been an Opera user for years and this isn't Opera. I like change when it's for the better, but this may spell the end of Opera. It certainly ends my use of it.



My Thoughts.
Its rather fast.
It looks nice
its a good start.

Its missing allot of features, no book marks, no customization - basically missing everything that made Opera stand out.

It needs a fair bit of work



I'll miss Presto but consolidation is inevitable and should help web standards in theory

I just hope they maintain their 64-bit Windows edition; if they do it'll make them the only WebKit browser for Windows x64 only competing with WaterFox and IE64

this makes me love Mozilla++Msft so much more