RealNetworks Files Antitrust Suit against Hollywood Studios


Turning the tables on Hollywood movie studios, RealNetworks, the makers of RealDVD, has fired off a lawsuit at six major studios and the DVD Copy Control Association. The software maker contends that the studios and association are in violation of copyright law by colluding to stop consumers from making "fair use" copies of legally purchased DVDs.

"The conduct described in the claims that RealNetworks seeks leave to assert reflects a concerted and unlawful effort on the part of the Studio Defendants and the DVD CCA to eliminate competition from RealNetworks in the market for technology that enables a consumer to make a lawful, secure backup copy of DVDs that she owns," RealNetworks wrote in its filing.

RealNetworks had already filed a countersuit against the DVD CCA, and the amendment adds several major movie studios to the complaint. In the complaint, RealNetworks asks for an injunction against the industry's anticompetitive activity, as well as monetary damages for lost business, The New York Times reports.

Image Credit: Flickr Joe Gratz

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