Real Time Search Results Now a Yahoo Thing, Too

Paul Lilly

If you can't beat 'em, you might as well emulate 'em, right? That's the approach Yahoo is taking, which at a press event in San Francisco announced a service called 'Search Direct.' It's basically Yahoo's take on Google Instant; as you type search queries into Yahoo Search, you'll start to see results with each press of a key, and you don't have to hit the return key. So why is Yahoo refuting that Search Direct is comparable to Google Instant?

"They're very different products. We're focused on providing answers, not links," Shashi Seth, Yahoo SVP of Search Products, told TechCrunch . "Google Instant is focused on providing more links, faster. Not answers. We believe the next generation of search regardless of whether it's on the Web or mobile, they're looking for answers, not links.

You say potato, we say potato. We tried the service, which is currently only available at , and it felt like a low-key version of Google Instant to us.

As time goes on, Yahoo says it plans to monetize this new feature by letting advertisers embed images or videos in the right-pane. That would certainly differentiate it from Google, though not necessarily in a good way.

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