Real iPad 3 to Stand Up in Late 2012

Paul Lilly

There have been reports that Apple's next generation iPad tablet is about to enter mass production in preparation of a March 2012 launch, and that might be true. However, it might not be the iPad 3 you're looking for (assuming you're looking for an iPad 3 in the first place). It could end up being just a place holder until the real third act kicks off later in the coming year.

DigiTimes is being fed information from sources within Apple's upstream supply chain, and those sources are saying that Apple doesn't consider the March iPad to be an iPad 3. Instead, the Cupertino outfit views it as an upgraded iPad 2, so perhaps it will launch as the iPad 2S?

The next iPad is supposed to be thinner and offer longer battery life. Beyond that, it's unknown what else it will bring to the table. Perhaps an improved camera and Siri are both in the cards. Whatever improvements Apple is making, the real iPad 3 isn't expected to launch until the third quarter of 2012, DigiTimes says.

Image Credit: Apple

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