Ready Your Whips, La-Mulana 2 Announced

Brittany Vincent

A new challenger appears!

Challenge junkies of Steam, come forth and show yourselves! We know you're out there, every single one of you looking for platformers that test your patience. La-Mulana , the cult favorite re-released via Steam, is finally receiving a sequel.

The trap-laden ancient ruins of the original game are going to be polished up for a brand new journey that should put a smile on your face as you bash your head into your monitor. Fun times! And this time around, it looks to be much more welcoming to players who are just now jumping aboard. USGamer recently had a chat with developers Nigoro about that very subject:

“The difficult gameplay in retro games, I want to keep that," Takumi Naramura mused during the interview. I want to keep that feeling. I’m not going to get rid of that. But we’re thinking about how to evolve other parts of the game.”

La-Mulana 2 will see the daughter of the original game's hero doing some serious spelunking, but that's about all we know now. Who's ready for some more whip-wielding wackiness?

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