Ready to Fly the Wi-Fi Friendly Skies?


Are you ready to fly the Wi-Fi friendly skies?  Wireless has been on flyers’ wish lists for some time now and usually it was a luxury class only item. Delta is set to grant that wish to its flyers and is offering broadband to all its customers.

That makes it the only major U.S. airline to offer broadband Wi-Fi access on its entire domestic fleet. Alas, the best things in life aren’t free and if you want to take your allotment of the internet nirvana in flight, it will cost you a flat fee of $9.95 on flights of three hours or less and $12.95 on flights lasting more than three hours.

Delta is partnering with Aircell to offer the service, which will be branded as "Gogo".

Gogo will be offered initially on Delta’s fleet of 133 MD88/90 aircraft and will expand to the remaining domestic fleet of more than 200 Boeing 737, 757 and 767-300 aircraft throughout the first half of 2009. The airline expects to have more than 330 aircraft complete by summer 2009.

Richard Anderson, Delta’s chief executive officer says, "Delta remains committed to providing a travel experience that maximizes the time our customers spend with us onboard by offering them even more productivity options.  Our customers asked for in-flight connectivity, and we’re responding by rolling out the most extensive Wi-Fi network in the sky.  Beginning this fall, our passengers will have the ability to stay connected when they travel with us throughout the continental U.S."

What do you think? Would the ability to make in flight use of broadband have you hopping on a Delta flight versus another carrier?

(Image Credit: Andrei Dimofte)

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