Rdio Rolls Out Free, Ad-less Music Plan

Brad Chacos

Spotify’s US launch caused such a big splash in the streaming music pond that ripples are still being felt. Many of the pricing barriers placed between users and the streaming services’ vast music libraries are tumbling down in Spotify’s wake: Pandora ditched its listening limit, the previously “Paying customers only” MOG rolled out a free version, and today, Rdio unveiled a new plan to let users get their listening on cash-free.

Like MOG, Rdio used to only be open to paying customers. The $5 and $10 subscriptions are still available, but the new free model lets users try out Rdio’s high-fidelity tunes – both ad- and credit card-free. A meter at the top of your homepage tells freeloaders how much freeloading time you have left. Rdio told Lifehacker that it envisions the new plan "as a way to experience everything the service holds without paying first" rather than a truly free option, so it remains to be seen how much music is made available to unpaying listeners.

Rdio’s been adding to its catalog like gangbusters and it’s now up to over 12 million songs. It also features full integration with Facebook’s Open Graph, so you can annoy your Facebook friends by flooding your wall with a record of every tune you play.

"We're proud to be the only service in the US to offer everyone the opportunity to listen to millions of songs for free, without the distraction of a single ad," said Drew Larner, CEO of Rdio, said in the company's press release. "With free access to Rdio, now everyone has the freedom to discover what our fans already know – we're the best option for listening to and discovering music."

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