Razer's Planning a Micro Console Powered by Android TV for Fall Release



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Bullwinkle J Moose

I can't really complain about this or any of the other Companies jumping on the streaming HypeTrain for nothing more than profit

Some will sell you access to what you already own or stream a limited list of crappy games from their own crappy store that have been preselected because they work with the crappy hardware used stream them

They do "Get It" and realize that they cannot compete with a real steambox or "Better" to Stream our "Own" personal applications for "FREE" or the "high end" of games from our own personal hardware on our own personal network instead of tic-tac-toe from a friggin Internet site, they will then begin to see all the benefits that they cannot begin to compete with

Want to stop ALL viruses and malware from infecting your android tablet?
Just "Stream" the Internet to the tablet from your Windows/Mac or Linux desktop and let the BigBoy Box that connects directly to the Internet handle the malware far better than your Android could ever hope to do

Want to run your own "Windows" applications on your Android?
You will need "REAL" hardware for that

Want to run a supercomputer from your cheap $200 tablet?
Then you will need a supercomputer!

Streaming can be so much more than just allowing your customers to stream what you graciously allow them to stream or stream what they already own but for a fee

I'd rather stream what I want, when I wan it, without any monthly fee's and without going through the Internet to get it done

All these newcomers in the streaming scene look like they are only out to make some quick cash without providing ANY of the potential benefits from Streaming done right!

IT CAN BE DONE, but the latency issues for streaming "REAL" applications are best addressed at the Local network Level and not by streaming crap I don't want 600 miles from your online server/appstore

The REAL money is in getting Streaming done right as it will affect every business and Industry on the Planet

Or.....you can make some quick cash from couch potatoes

The choice is yours


Bullwinkle J Moose

Just think of the tablet as a remote controlled portable monitor for your desktop computer and give me a secure connection (Sync) with the desktop

REAL streaming will do all the actual computing and Internet searching from the desktop while I run everything from the remote monitor (tablet)

Just sync with the desktop and STREAM EVERYTHING!!



So basically what you're saying is we should go back to the era of mainframes and dumb terminals.


Bullwinkle J Moose

Dumb terminals have no 'intelligence' (data processing or number crunching power) and depend entirely on the computer (to which they are connected) for computations, data storage, and retrieval.

A tablet "computer" does not fit that description and can be used for many other things by itself or in conjunction with other machines



But you were just talking like how this and tablets were going to be glorified dumb terminals. :P

Either way, using a device that receives streams from a more powerful device isn't very economical for most people. If I had $800 on a computer to spend and need portability, I'd rather spend it on a laptop than a $600 desktop and a $200 tablet. Not much a $200 tablet can do when I'm out of my home network and from my apps. Plus, I'd have to keep the desktop up and running all the time and for most of the world, it's too complicated.


The only way this would work is if someone doesn't already have a "smart entertainment" device hooked up to the TV. And chances are, if you're a gamer, you already have said device hooked up to the TV: a game console. And if you're not heavily vested in the Android entertainment ecosystem, then again, there's no reason to jump on an Android TV device. By now, most people have either invested their money in Netflix, Hulu Plus, or Amazon (which I found they have a nice feature where you get a digital copy for free if you purchase the physical one, if you chose the right posting of course).


Bullwinkle J Moose




Hi. c:

(Okay this is getting silly)


Bullwinkle J Moose


Let me see if I got this right...

So what you are saying is Whaaaaaa,
I'd rather buy a separate streaming device for every conceivable service I want instead of bringing all the services under a single streaming methodology?

I'd rather be restricted to what I can and cannot stream and be forced onto the Internet's NSA Spy Grid regardless of what I wish to stream?

I think that the billion people who already have a desktop would not buy such a device but that only those who do not have a desktop computer would rather buy a $600 laptop so streaming as you described it is doomed to failure?

I think that a $200 tablet that has free Internet access with ANY and ALL Internet computers it syc's to whether at work or at home is somehow more expensive than a $600 laptop with it's own Internet service?

I think that you can run better app's and software on a $600 laptop and have better security that a $200 tablet securely synced to a much more powerful desktop?

Is that what you are saying?

Or are you just saying WHAAAAAAAAAAA?
Mommy, he's not listening to me!

Why won't he conform to complete strangers dictating what he can and cannot do?

So far I have not seen a single valid reason for any argument you have make or could possibly make to think this is not the best streaming method that could possibly exist in a "free" World