Razer Ouroboros Gaming Mouse Now Available



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I find it pretty ironic that they are pushing ergonomics so heavily for a mouse that looks as comfortable to hold as a cactus. LOL



I've stopped buying razer because of quality control issues. I've bought two keyboards and two mice from them and I won't buy again. Also, they're obsessed with booth babes and I hate corny marketing tactics that cater to twelve year olds. I'm not their audience anymore.


Shadow Death

I wonder how long it will take before the left mouse button starts double clicking or the laser only registers horizontal tracking.



I got to top 200 in Duke Nukem forever with a Logitech G500
Razer does make good headphones though... I stopped playing Nukem cause of lack of player and started playing Gotham City Imposters.



GCI is fun, and free, but the servers have been dead for a while now. Shame really.


Ghost XFX

Not sure that's the case, but the feature I can't over look is that the Ouroboros caters to everyone, regardless of hand size or form. Not sure I can say the same of the G602.

To be sure here, I've always been with Logitech when it comes to peripherals. And the last 3 mice I've used have been their Trackman Marble. Love the feel of that trackball. I even use it for gaming. It's difficult to find a normal mouse when you have large hands. So the Trackman marble has been a blast for me. However, I really do want a mouse that my hand will fit properly for gaming...



I prefer Logitech's egg shaped mice. I had a razor and it felt like I was pushing a doorstop around my desk, I find them very uncomfortable and overpriced, but to each his own I guess.



Reading about this on Tom'shardware a while ago, some international commenters say that their version really sucked.

And we should be glad it didnt come out along with their version.

Hopefully the US version has less problems, but im still happy with my 1st Gen Lachesis. Still using it since 09.



While I haven't tinkered with either the Ouroboros, or Logitech's new G602, I've got to say the Ouroboros seems a bit lacking considering it's basically $150 and the G602 is $80 and offers a LOT more for a LOT less...

Granted for many of their customers it could come down to bling, style, and "look what I've got" factor amongst friends, but I'm just not seeing it...

I just don't know if being ambidextrous is "enough" to warrant nearly twice the price tag of what is arguably its direct competitor...