Razer Onza Tournament Edition Review



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Has anyone tried this to fly the choppers and drones in Homefront? 


If you have the controller AND Homefront, would you mind trying it? 

Im asking because I bought the Saitek Cyborg controller for that purpose and it doesnt work with it.



I like how you can adjust how much tension the analog sticks get. I'm wanted that feature for years.


I might pick one of these up but like any input device I'll have to put it in my hands and see what it feels like first.



IEK GADS! A Razer peripheral that isn't overpriced and works better then the competition for a change. I might have to pick on up!


Holly Golightly

I really like how that Razer logo looks on the side of that controller. I am not a fan of big, bright colorful controllers, but this one actually looks pretty darn cool. Long ago, I wanted an Nintendo 64 controller for the PC. It still is my favorite controller, but I moved away from console gaming to a platform a little more mature... PC Gaming that is. So I will primarily stick to my gaming mouse, and gaming keyboard with other cool PC Gaming features, and just have my fun that way. Still though, what a cool design on a controller for once. So I am a little mixed on this one.



I cannot wait to pick one of these up. Every time I check they are out of stock. If I like it I'll probably get another and use the other controllers as backups.



I really don't understand the disdain towards using your PC as a gaming console.  My PC has eliminated my DVD player and nearly eliminated the need for cable tv.  If I could use it to play XBox games and completely eliminate the need for the outrageously overpriced cable tv; I would most certainly consider myself to be in electronic heaven.  

Not all of us have the money to buy a massive monitor or a multi-screen monitor.  However, I do have a nice flat screen tv that easily connects directly to my PC (and these days if you have an XBox you most likely have a nice flat screen). If console games were brought to PC's I wouldn't have to spend the $250 - $300 on an XBox (which until recently only played games).  I understand that it is expensive to keep a PC running the most top of the line games but imo that is because the graphics far outpace console games and in the long run always have. Without even getting into eliminating excess electronic waste I think using a PC as a complete media hub for a person's home is an argument worth having.


Fecal Face

I pre-ordered this, and have loved it since I got it. It's about the same price as the regular Xbox 360 controller, which is good.

I use it on my PC, mainly for racing games because using a keyboard to steer sucks compared to a controller (then again, a controller sucks compared to a steering wheel, but I can't afford one). The longer-than-normal cord is wonderful for when I actually use it on the Xbox 360.



I always felt the 360 controler for windows was a rip off, especially when you had to buy the wireless adapter in addition to it. But this seems more worth the money because of the value added features and the drivers still automatically installed.



I recently bought a Logitech Rumblepad 2, and that's pretty good too. Although imo anything is better than a 360 controller.



I picked one of these up and it's pretty sweet. The backside of the controller has the re-mapping buttons. For $50 you can't go wrong.