Razer Game Booster to Store Save Files to the Cloud With New Feature



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The game software booster Razer made is a waste of valuable time and resources. I don't like the software path Razer has taken with drivers or this.

Tweaks like in this program won't get you get more performance in games.

Why use this software when you can use OBS to record and stream, and there is even shadowplay for Nvidia cards too which hardly affects performance.

Steam cloud saves games already, and for those games that don't we all have automated backup software. I wouldn't trust the Razer software to do backups. at all.

I could say more, but I don't want to rant.



Just use bit torrent sync, it is really easy to set up.



Or Gamesave Manager. Does the same thing, only better.




I'm confused. This app simply redirects your saves to Dropbox?



From the sounds of it that's what it does, doesn't sound like they have their own cloud storage service. I guess everything is automatic so you wouldn't have to sync folders manually with your dropbox account, but otherwise sounds fairly pointless. I'm pretty sure all Steamworks games can do this only it's on Valve's Steam cloud. I know it saved my Saints Row 3 saves when I installed a new hard drive and had to reinstall.



I know these things are "snake oil", but I like the tweaks. Everything else I disable or don't use.



Yeah I'd use absolutely nothing else in this Razer app.

But can you manually add multiple folders from different locations to sync with dropbox? If so, seems like you could do this manually yourself. Granted, not automatic, but I'd rather have dropbox in the background than Razer's app.

Although I assume this Razer app will also automatically re-download the saves when you have to reinstall your games on a new drive or something. That's a feature I don't think you could pull off with dropbox (I haven't really messed with it so I can't say).