Razer Edge Pro Review



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This is a game changer. It's just poorly executed by Razer(who woulda thunk it?). Another company will refine what they've done here and create something better.


Keith E. Whisman

You recommend that we buy a laptop and tablet to satisfy our gaming and portability desires for the same price. Who makes the best gaming laptop for the money with enough cash left over to buy an Ipad4? Being an Iphone user I just can't stand the idea of getting an Android tablet. Once jailbroken iDevices kick ass.



MaxPC Editor Jimmy Thang here. The next laptop I plan on reviewing is Lenovo's affordable y500 ideapad (which doesn't cost much more than a grand) so let me hold off on recommending something until I get a better look at it!



Well, this review has renewed my respect for this publication and it's editors. After reading a review on a different publication's site, it was obvious that the person writing it didn't actually try to use the device. No mention of the Linksys wireless issues, claim that the tablet is lighter than the 3.7 lb, but failing to acknowledge that when it is used with the controller dock, it is heavier.

To sum it all up; Thank you Jimmy. Subjective reviews like this are the reason that I keep reading the mag.



Yes, this review helped. Other sites seem to be praising the edge, I feel your review was the most subjective. I was looking forward to getting this as my Dell laptop sucks for gaming. I've been out of the gaming market for a few years(wife and kids!) and now want to get back into it. I was hoping the Edge would have fulfilled that want. Yes, this sounds great on paper but it sounds as if they poorly executed it.



Wow if a tablet of such excess fails to impress the crowd here at MaxPC, I think it's safe to say that the product is just a fail.


Renegade Knight

I think it's a prototype for the next gen.

Less Bezel. Better battery life. Better graphics. 1080p etc. Dialed in hardware.


John Pombrio

What a shocker! Who was to know that a huge fat tablet would be hard to use?



At first, I wondered why a tablet would need a noisy fan. Then I realized, what you're still paying for is an over-rated brand name and something that inevitably becomes a shitty laptop. I didn't think that noisy could be associated with a tablet (the only sounds I hear from my brother's Windows 8 tablet are from the games and Youtube videos).



that mentality hasn't stopped the iCrowd in the least bit.
And remember, this tablet is rocking a laptop grade x64 i7 ivy bridge cpu under the hood whereas the 99% of tablets are System on a Chip like the Tegra or A15. Not making excuses for this Razer tablet though. I like their peripherals, but this attempt at a gaming tablet says Fail to me when it comes to the execution. Besides, most that play serious games that need the horse power either use a console or a gaming rig and have a tablet around for less intensive usage, or games made for Android or iOS tablets.



Wow - another crappy overpriced Razer product with even worse customer support than Dell? NO THANKS! This is yet another epic failure attempt by Razer trying to be something they are not, a legitimate and respectable company that produces quality products and provides excellent support for their customers. Move along, nothing to see here but dissappointment.



Who is this tablet for exactly? I can get a far more powerful laptop with a bigger screen, better sound, and apparently better wifi, for far less. Are there really people out there that want to play Far Cry 3 on a tablet?



It's for people with tablets and laptops and desktop PCs who want to merge into fewer devices. I have my eye on every new Win 8 Pro device that comes out.

I want a device that I can game on while on the move, use as a 2nd PC docked at home, pick it up when I leave my desk and continue what I was doing. Right now I have a dated Alienware m11x, and a Nexus 10 tab.

Problem is, this first generation of devices has poor battery life, poor ergonomics, mediocre performance, and the slew of peripherals you have to take with you to make it play games means it's just not a good device.

Still, I give Razer props for trying! It's just not a good enough device for $1k+.