Razer Designs Hammerhead Earphones Using Aircraft Grade Aluminum, 9mm Drivers



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Razer did a comercial ala unboxing for the hammerhead!
Totally awesome




Honestly I'm trying to learn music production myself. I would never go back to buying consumer grade headphones. I think for $70 the AKG K240 are a steal, featuring a Mini XLR to stereo cable. I don't own a pair yet, but I love the way they sound overall.



I wish somebody would create headphones/earbuds with aircraft grade aluminum around the part where the wire goes into the plug. You know...that place where the wire ALWAYS breaks after a couple months usage.



I hated the Razer Moray's so much (sent them back with only a few days of ownership to Eggland) that I've sworn to stay away from anything Razer audio!

The Moray's reminded me of No-Brand earbuds that came with those cheap mp3 players- tiny screeching tin can sound, airy/no tightness on Bass, lots of Treble.

If you really have to do the earbud route for gaming AND music, I think you're better off buying similarly priced Meelecs and good 'ol Sennies!



"increase aural resonance"
-which is the LAST thing you want in any audio application if you want to hear detail.

"fantastic for any gamer or music listener"
-universal-fit canalphones have the worst 3D imaging of any headphone/IEM you can currently buy, look elsewhere if you want gaming audio.

"made from aircraft-grade aluminum"
-aluminium resonates at some weird frequencies, distorting and muddying the sound.

Some other notes:
-no frequency response graph
-no impedance/dB graphs
-no 50/500 Hz square wave performance measurements
-no sensitivity ratings (via dB/mW)

I've purchased $20 clip-on headphones with those specs readily available [ http://www.headphone.com/headphones/koss-ksc-75.php for reference], which leads me to believe that they do not want their product to be compared against market leaders, because they know that they make vastly inferior products. I despise companies that try to charge more for the name while using the least amount of R&D possible to push a product for the sole purpose of lining their own pockets. Go suck one, Razer.



From my experiences.. size matters when it comes to earbud drivers.

I've had a few smaller driver buds, and the (now discontinued) Skullcandy Asym buds with 13mm drivers sound better then any others i've heard..

Anyone else have any luck with smaller drivers that DON'T sound trebly and tinny?

As far as Razer products? I love my Razer Taipei mouse, and just ordered a Nostromo for gaming.. we'll see how they hold up.

PC folks can make good stuff.. I'm still using my Creative Zen many years later.. I still love it.



Your Google magic search words are: "Balanced-armature driver IEM"
As long as there is at least 2 drivers per side (one tuned for treble, the other for bass), size doesn't matter at all. Same tech used in hearing aides, my friend, and the drivers are so tiny, some companies shove 6 of them into each side for full audio spectrum reproduction. (The 1964 Ears V6 is a notable example)



I will also express caution. Razer products look great on paper, but I've always run into problems with them. I think their quality control is weak. For example, I once ordered the Black Widow mechanical keyboard. Not a cheap keyboard, it arrived and the "N" key didn't work. I got them to cross ship me a replacement, and it had the exact same problem. They look good on paper, but I'm not confident in their quality.



I just bought some Razer Kraken's based on Maximum PCs review by Alex Castle they are great that last PSX set I had made my ears ring really bad. I hope these last I picked them up at Walmart.



Razer is the Apple of PC gaming.

Razer overcharges for their garbage, and offer crappy products that look nice. Gaming companies cannot do audio...especially Razer....they sound horrible...-.- I cringe when people buy things like the Razer Tiamat...it's just sad...



Razer is doing so much to try and stay relevant in this day & age.

"Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz"

Also, that is just awful IMHO, I prefer stuff in the following range, much better:

5Hz – 23,000 Hz



Your comment got me curious, so I looked up the range of human hearing. The human ear can only hear from around 20 Hz-20 kHz.



You are correct that 20-20k hz. is the normal range of human hearing. The debate goes along these lines. There are insturment and sound effects that extend above and below that range. You can't hear them but their presence does effect the way you hear/feel the music. I can't speak to how legitimate the arguement is. It's been discussed for decades and will be for more to come.

The one thing that does raise my eyebrows is that alot of companies fail to mention one very important piece of information when it comes to frequency response. It is the lack of a decibel scale. At +/- 3db you begin to hear the difference of volume. At 6db you can definately hear the difference and it rapidly falls off from there. So weather it's 5hz. or 20hz. if it's at -20 db you'll never hear it anyway.

I simply enjoy music and I'm not an audiophile. I haven't master the art of keeping a straight face and proclaim a $500 power cord a bargin.



Yep. The human body can still sense down to around 4hz. The biggest thing a lot of people forget to mention when speaking of audio (at least in my experience) is the existence of overtones. As a musician I can confirm that even if you don't "hear" some of them in the traditional sense, they make a huge difference.



Who said he was human?