Razer Builds a Mechanical Switch Designed Specifically for Gaming



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Green illumination only?

My gaming PC is in the bedroom; I must have an illuminated keyboard that is QUIET. I will get a beating if I keep her awake! And I love short-throw, low-profile keys—the kind found on laptops and some desktop planks.

Have long wanted a keyboard with n-key rollover to replace my comfortable, pretty, low-profile, illuminated, but not-made-for-gaming Logitech Illuminated keyboard. I love this keyboard, but it makes some games tough to play. They've wired it so that using SHIFT disables a number of possible combinations.

Still, the Logitech keyboard is QUIET. That is priority number one for me. Watching the video, I cringed at how loud those gaming planks are. That might be fine in tournament settings, but would get me killed at home.



Have you checked out the Logitech G710+? It uses Cherry MX Brown switches with o-rings to dampen the sound. I have one and am very satisfied. It's not as quiet as a non-mechanical keyboard but it's not as loud as the other Cherry switches.



ugh... I can't imagine trying to game in the same room as my sleeping wife.

since mechanical keyboards all rely on a mechanical switch (thank you Captain obvious moment?) they mostly all tend to be a bit loud.

however it might be possible to get a MX-Red / Black or even MX-Brown board and put dampers on the keycaps (little rubber o-rings) these greatly reduce the noise from bottoming the keys out.

I have 2 mechanical keyboards WASD V1 (MX-Brown) and a Rosewill RK-9000RE (MX-Red)

the WASD had dampers installed when I got it and I put them on the rosewill after i got it... the dampers really do make both of these keyboards not super loud..but probably honestly still louder than that Logitech illuminated..



I'm surprised no one else has posted this. Razer hasn't really re-invented anything. These are K-Switches and Razer has simply paid them to make a Razer Keycap. Corsair has a pretty sweet deal with Cherry and that's caused several companies (Cooler Master, TT Esports, and of course Razer) to jump ship and find switches else where.



And here I am, typing this on a cheapy Logitech USB-powered "plank"...



A few months back I got the current generation of the BlackWidow Ultimate with the Cherry MX Blue switches. I love it for both typing and gaming. I've noticed my typing is a lot faster since I started using it. After a couple days I started to wonder how I ever got along without a mechanical keyboard.



Cherry has lots of switches with this force range. So does Topre. What we need is a good silent mechanical keyboard with a 30g weighting, not yet another 45-50g keyboard.


Insula Gilliganis

I agree that it would have been nice to have a slightly lower force range.

I see three "improvements" here..

1) lifespan of up to 60 million key strokes.. specs I have seen about Corsair's keyboards give a lifespan of 50 million.. but I doubt this is of any real significants

2) Razer Green has a lower actuation force than Cherry MX Green (50g vs 80g)

3) actuation distance of 1.9mm verses the 2.0mm Cherry MX spec - Not sure where 2.2mm comes from in the video as the Cherry MX specs call for 2.0mm (distance to actuation point - 2mm from starting position; 4mm above the base)


John Pombrio

Great, a twitchy keyboard. Just what everyone who ever uses a keyboard to type needs.



I don't mean to be "that guy" but this keyboard's target audience isn't people who want a keyboard with typing as it's primary function in mind. The people who will buy this keyboard want something that performs nicely whilst playing games, and I'm sure many of them couldn't care less about it's typing performance versus a standard rubber dome keyboard. Regardless, I think I'm going to stick with my Das Keyboard, a "mechanical switch designed specifically for gaming" just sounds like some buzzword marketing to me, and I doubt there is enough of a significant upgrade in performance to warrant buying something like this over a standard mechanical keyboard.



I hope this is an honest mistake on your part, but it is very likely you got the (messed up) force units from Razer. Anyway, to the point: force is (in metric terms) measured in Newtons(which are very different from grams). In the industrial system, force is measured in pounds. I am amazed how this slipped past you. Please correct this silly error and make it look like you value every word you type on this site. Thanks!



Grams isn't really the mistake. The mistake comes in keyboard manufacturers using "force" as their key word. Weight is closer to what is being measured. But then again weight isn't quite right either as it implies a constant force and that's not what the manufactures are trying to convey either. More of a "pressure at a certain point of key travel" kind of thing.

Newtons, while right for "force", is a function of time and would change depending on how fast your were typing. Not useful as a consistent way for a person to get a feel for how stiff a key presses.



Razer's website does list the actuation force in the same manner maximum pc has written.



Sounds like with Cherry partnering with Corsair they had to do something.
I love my K-90 and the new RGB Corsair that I saw at CES looks awesome.


John Pombrio

On my K90, I have had to unsolder three switches and swap them with another switch due to the key either not registering or doing a double or triple bounce (my spacebar was one, of all places). It would be easy to do except for the LEDs that are part of the switch. glad I have a good solder station. It worked tho and the keys worked fine in their new locations. I guess the wave solder did not do too well on my board.



Nothing will replace my BRAG Thread corsair K70 I like it for the volume control knob alone for my headphones...

Someone said they should make low profile mechanical that would be sweet!!

After watching the video I guess they are kinda doing that?

Professional gaming today is a joke I remember guys like Thresh and Fatality =)

Today take a emo kid out of his room have Razer sponsor him let him eat burger king pizza hut and Mcdonalds all in the same day.

A good keyboard will only get you so far in gaming what you really need is strategy....which comes from playing the game....



I would love a lower profile mechanical switch keyboard with switches that are similar to the MX Browns but maybe a little lighter in actuation.

I'll reserve judgement on Razer's new switch until I actually try one.



Razer reinvented the mechanical switch?

So you mean they found a way to make it more expensive, less reliable, and have terrible customer support?