Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Review



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This needs to be updated ... I suggest the corsair k95 /k95rgb you can get; cherry reds, or browns depending on preference, aluminum chassis. white back lite(k95), or unlimited color scheme back lite variations(k95), 18 on the fly recording macro keys with 3 macro settings (18*3 macro keys), unlimited macro abilities in the setup menu exe. alt+q= wtfbbq, 120 rollover, and 0 ghosting(100% anti-ghost), volume wheel not buttons, adjustable report rate so you can game and type on the same board, and a wrist wrest. Also cherry is releasing a new keyboard this year ( was shown at PAX) that is supposed to have the fastest response time of and keyboard on the market back lighting of some sort aluminum chassis and a wrist wrest I don't have the specks on it but it looks promising. The razer is a nice board but not the best imo seeing as it's got; knock off cherry mx switches, 10 key rollover, and only 5 macro keys, and a plastic chassis and no wrist guard.



this is a great keyboard and the cherry mx blue switches are amazing! i prefer the ultimate over the basic keyboard anyday. Most can never go back when switching to a mechanical keyboard. I have Razer Blackwidow Review on my webpage that you can also check out. But awsome review!





This board does not have cherry mx blue switches but a switchch referred to as razer green switch. But I agree membrane boards suck a fat one mechanical for the win





for 50 bucks more, you basically get backlite keys which equals to about 50 cents per key to put a blue LED in. I gotta say, backliting all of the keys is kinda worth it at 50 cents!



purchased a blackwidow regular a week ago, and i love it.

i have 4 small complains about it thou

1. odd placement of fn key, i would love it on the left side like most laptop keyboard

2. double clicking usually isn't a problem, but i do find myself not lifting my figures highenough when double clicking from time to time(again, it's usually not a problem when typing or game, just when i try to scroll down a webpage with few quick down arrow click)


4. no palm rest




now it would be perfect if razer release a blank key set  like das keyboard ultimate, and add a thumb modifyer key or soemthing.



Purchased the Blackwidow Ultimate as soon as it was available (back in Dec).  Discovered Razer says its not supported thru a KVM.  This renders all the macro programming and driver-level features usuable. That was tolerable cause I love the mechanical action, so I stayed with it.

Just this weekend updated the firmware from 1.01 to 1.05 and now it is virtually unusable thru a KVM:  dropped keystrokes, inadvertantly repeating keys, ..etc.  Now I learned the firmware flash is not reversable so I'm stuck.

Stay away if you use a KVM...



Is it just me? Why should I buy a product that will glare off my monitor and the plexi windo on my tower in a dark room when I'm gaming? I want to see what I'm doing, not fighting with my peripheral device for a solid view of my monitor. I learned back in the Service that red is a PERFECT light to work in, as it doesn't obstruct your vision nor does it glare off your gauges and strain your eyes while you're working in a dark environment. 

In the field(battle conditions) they don't use brights, they use low key lighting when they get their coordinate bearings on maps. That means Red and Infrared lighting.

I'll buy Razer when they start including other shades of lighting that aren't so taxing on the eyes. So for me the Razer product would be a 6 at best. 

BTW, I want a backlit Keyboard. So no need for smart alec comments from the peanut gallery. xD



I decided to buy the regular BlackWidow because $50 more for backlighting and ANOTHER USB port was not worth it to me. I have to say that it's the greatest keyboard I've ever used. It's also my first mechanical keyboard, and every time I have to use a mushy rubber-dome keyboard, I find myself thinking about my BlackWidow. Yes, it is louder than other keyboards, but I love the tactile and audible feedback this provides. The only problem is that the keys feel a bit smaller that normal (this is coming from someone who is used to sprawling Microsoft ergonomic keyboards. *shiver*.) I've had it since Christmas, and I am happy to report that I am thoroughly adjusted to the feel and key size. This is an excellent keyboard for both games and typing. I agree with everything MPC said, (especially build quality and the appearance) and I want to add that all keys can be programmed (with a macro) using the incredible Razer drivers.

To the editor: I believe you meant to say 5 macro keys, not 4.



Noisy should be on the Spider-man side.  Maybe it's annoying but it's part of the charm that is a mechanical keyboard.


Fecal Face

I was going to get this, but instead I got a G510. More dedicated macro keys, and the screen comes in handy.