Razer Announces Razer Cortex to Help You Find the Best Gaming Deals



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Really nice product, but the steam sales plus everyother sales on other website and you got the Razer cortex store no need to search every website for deals easy to use!!



When will these people get through their heads that I don't want to run a special app for every piece of junk I buy off of them in the background?

I understand you are using it as an insidious way of getting me to buy all of my peripherals from you, but really, I don't even like the Geforce Experience, let alone the mouse experience, keyboard experience, motherboard tweak utility, mousepad tuner etc...



The concept is fine, but is a whole damn application for this feature really necessary? I'm just dying to dig up my Razer ID to try an application that NEEDS to run in the background 24/7, like every other junkware out there.

Though, I suppose there's no need for name calling--until a review is in.

jaygregz's recommendation looks promising at a glance, for those who are so inclined.



I just wanted to point out that there has been a site that works extremely well for this for a very long time. Its cheapshark.com
You can even search specific games and see when the all time low was. Also, there is a feature you can use to send you an email when a game reaches a certain price point. Did I mention they do free giveaways all the time?

All the same functions of this razor shit without the bloatware.



I've used this and IsThereAnyDeal.com, which can use your Steam wishlist and send you emails as well. It also gives you a history of prices. They're both very useful, although I'm a little hesitant about some of the sites they mention with deals.



Thanks bro, will check that out and stay away from Razer. I prefer to "dig through the crates" so to speak. Its part of the fun of finding a gem. Besides, society has all ready taken away record stores, where we would dig through the crates and make new friends in the store. Unfortunately, making friends while browsing on line is not possible, now they want to take away the fun of browsing different sites, unF#%^ing believable!