Razer Shows Off Awesome-Looking "Star Wars" Peripherals

Brad Chacos

Not all geeks are created equal, as Maximum PC readers no doubt know. Hardware geeks and miniature wargaming geeks don't necessarily grunt the same language; sticking a Star Trek geek and a Firefly geek in the same room is just asking for trouble. BioWare and LucasArts are hoping to strike nerd gold by tapping into the combined power of gaming geeks and Star Wars geeks with the upcoming MMORPG "Star Wars: The Old Republic." Now, Razer's getting into the action and trying to suck hardware geeks into the mix with their new line of SWTOR-branded peripherals.

All the peripherals feature hard lines and a hexagonal design that immediately scream "Star Wars," and gamers can swap out the logo of either the Galactic Republic or the Sith Empire on the devices. We know the side of the SWTOR mouse features 12 buttons for quick macro action, and the SWTOR gaming headset includes 5.1 audio support, but Razer hasn't released much information on those two devices yet – the company decided to blow us away with the badass SWTOR keyboard first.

The keyboard
features an LCD panel with touchscreen capabilities. It's designed to display information from the MMO while simultaneously allowing users to record macros with the flick of a finger. Ten dynamically changing LCD touchscreen keys sit over the top of the panel and supply you with the commands you need when you need them the most. Razer's topping off the gear with responsive, fully customizable buttons and a lighting system that can change between green, blue or red, depending on the Star Wars faction you're looking to represent.

Thanks, Razer. Our fingers were already twitching in anticipation for The Old Republic. Now we're drooling, too.

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