Razer Rolls Out Transformers 3 Themed Peripherals

Paul Lilly

Razer isn't new to movie tie-ins by any means, having released an assortment of Tron-themed gaming gear. Now it's Transformers' turn to tango with Razer with a range of Transformers 3 peripherals, including themed DeathAdder mice in four different colors, themed dual-sided Vespula mouse mat, and customized laptop sleeves.

You can declare your allegiance to the Autobots by picking up a DeathAdder in red with blue LED (Optimus Prime) or yellow (Bumblebee), or dance with the Decepticons with a silver (Megatron) or purple (Shockwave) mouse. Each one runs $70 and sports the same specs as the non-theme DeathAdder.

The Vespula mouse mat runs $45 and includes an Autobot "speed" surface on one side for a smoother, faster-paced swiping action, and a Decepticon "control" surface on the other side for ultra-precise movements.

Finally, the laptop sleeves come in four different colors (red, yellow, silver, and purple) and fit up to 15-inch laptops. They're made of a hard, flexible plastic shell with a padded inner lining and run $50 each.

Razer Transformers 3 Product Page

Image Credit: Razer

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