Razer Releases Software Development Kit (SDK) for Switchblade UI

Paul Lilly

Razer, a well known maker of PC gaming peripherals, has made available to developers its Software Development Kit (SDK) for its Switchblade user interface (UI). The Switchblade UI is featured prominently on the company's 'Razer Blade' gaming laptop, as well as its Star Wars: The Old Republic gaming keyboard and newly announced DeathStalker Ultimate plank.

"With the development of the SDK for the Switchblade UI, we are pleased to offer every game developer the ability to create applications that will enhance their immersive experience for their favorite games," said Robert 'RazerGuy' Krakoff , president of Razer USA. "I am eager to see the types of applications that can be made by our passionate and creative fans inside the development community."

Using the newly developed SDK, developers savvy in C++ and C Sharp programming can create all sorts of new applications for the Switchblade UI, from mini-maps and inventory slots, to information guides and whatever else they can think of, "all based in a free and open development model."

If you're interested in playing around with the SDK or learning more about it, Razer posted an online guide that goes into more detail.

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