Razer is Now Licensing Brand to Third Party Case Makers

Paul Lilly

NZXT will be the first to offer a case "Designed by Razer"

You'll find a wide assortment of gaming and audio peripherals if you sift through Razer's catalog of products. Keyboards, mice, headsets, controllers, and even full-blown gaming systems are among the products bearing Razer's label. What you won't find are any Razer brand cases, though that's about to change. Razer just launched a PC case design licensing program in which it will work with select third-party chassis makers to produce and sell Razer branded enclosures.

Razer selected NZXT to be its launch partner for the "Designed by Razer" licensing program. Next month will see the release of the Razer designed and NZXT built " H440 - Designed by Razer ."

"We have some of the world’s best designers and engineers working at Razer and we fully believe in advancing the industry no matter the cost, so it makes sense for us to share this knowledge with other manufacturers in our industry," says Min-Liang Tan , Razer co-founder, CEO and creative director. "It’s our goal to service the needs of the hundreds of millions of gamers worldwide and a custom Razer PC case has been sought after for some time. The NZXT H440 – Designed by Razer is the first success with this program and we expect there to be many more."

Razer says that anyone wishing to participate in the program will be subject to a "rigorous vetting process." As for the H440, it will sport Razer green USB ports and green lighting that illuminate the rear ports. It will also have a distinct design with a tinted window that shows off the illuminated Razer logo and interior hardware.

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