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Razer Naga Epic Review

At A Glance


5,600 dpi laser sensor; hybrid wireless/wired design; tons of buttons.


Buttons take practice to use; no onboard memory; pricey.

A premium MMO gaming mouse that takes time to master

With the introduction of the Naga Epic, Razer has split its highest gaming mouse tier into two segments. The Mamba is still the top-of-the-line general-purpose gaming mouse, but it’s now joined by the Naga Epic, which runs the same high MSRP ($130) but offers features more tailored to MMO gamers. That’s a lot of cash—is the Naga Epic worth it?

The Naga Epic packs many of the same “elite”-level features as the Mamba, including a 5,600 dpi laser sensor, a 1ms response time, and responsive hybrid wireless/wired control. Build quality is solid, as usual, and custom-color backlighting shines through the scroll wheel and thumb grid.

No, you’re not hallucinating. The Naga Epic has more buttons than a touch-tone phone.

So what sets the Naga apart as an MMO gaming mouse? First, there’s the shape: a higher-backed, more bulb-shaped design than you normally expect from Razer. If the Mamba is a Corvette, the Naga is a VW Bug. It’s a comfortable layout that leaves your hand in a more relaxed position for long gaming sessions. The Naga Epic has a degree of physical customization as well, in the form of three swappable pinky-side plates that let you change the feel and look of the mouse. The plates feel sturdy while in place, and are well designed; the mouse looks very nice with any of the three attached.

The second thing that makes the Naga Epic suited for MMO gamers is the 12-button side plate, which puts an incredible number of potential hotkeys right under your thumb. Razer’s excellent driver software makes it easy to customize the 12 buttons, allowing you to save different profiles for different games. To help you “train” on the 12-button grid, Razer includes sheets of adhesive, rubbery dots so you can feel your way around. Unfortunately, we found that even with the dots, it takes a lot of effort to become adept at finding the right spot on the Naga Epic’s tightly packed grid.

So, as a top-tier MMO gaming mouse, we can recommend the Naga Epic. It’s a comfortable mouse with a strong feature set, including a staggering number of buttons—if you’re willing to put in the time needed to learn to use them.

$130, www.razerzone.com


Razer Naga Epic

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