Razer Nabu Smart Band is a Cross Between a Smart Watch and Fitness Band

Paul Lilly

Razer's first foray into the wearable computing market

Gaming peripheral maker Razer has proven on more than one occasion that it isn't afraid to step out of its comfort zone and try its hand at different types of products. This time the company is trying its wrist. Meet the Razer Nabu , a smart band device that "fits technology seamlessly into your daily life." It does this by communicating with your smartphone, but it's far from a one trick pony.

It's actually an intriguing product on a number of levels. Razer won't be able to avoid the inevitable comparisons to Nike's FuelBand line, at least in style, but in function, the Nabu has more in common with a smart watch. According to Razer, it pushes critical notifications from your smartphone, such as incoming calls, texts, emails, app updates, and more.

Beyond that, there's a world of opportunity for developers to get creative. The Razer Nabu can track your steps walked, distance traveled, stairs climbed, how long you've been sleeping, and other vitals that could come in handy for fitness applications, providing you opt-in to letting it record such data.

There are two notifications screens (both OLED), one that's public (32x32 pixels) and one that's private (128x32 pixels), the latter of which provides detailed information of texts, emails, bio data, and other information that can only be viewed by the user.

Razer says the Nabu works with iOS and Android. It has a battery life of up 7 days before needing recharged via USB, and is both rain and splash-proof. If all goes to plan, it will debut this quarter for $49 (to developers).

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