Razer Makes a Mechanical Keyboard for Gamers

Paul Lilly

We fell in love with the click action of the Das Keyboard, which is largely attributable to the mechanical keys. A handful of copycats have since released mechanical keyboards of their own, but according to Razer, their new BlackWidow is the first one aimed exclusively at gamers.

"The Razer BlackWidow is the world's first mechanical keyboard that has been engineered from the ground up for gaming," said Robert Krakoff , president, Razer. "Imagine every single key on the keyboard with the precision of a mouse click -- no more pressing of keys without knowing for certain if they have been actuated. Precision clicking coupled with an optimized lighter key actuation force, this changes the way gamers will play from now on."

Razer claims the BlackWidow is three years in the making, with part of that development time put into constructing mechanical keys that won't leave users feeling fatigued after extending typing/gaming sessions.

Other features include fully programmable keys with five additional gaming keys, on-the-fly macro recording, 1000Hz ultrapolling, easy access media keys, and a gaming mode option.

The BlackWidow is available now for $80. There's also an Ultimate edition for $130, which adds individually backlit keys with five levels of lighting, headphone/mic jacks, and an additional USB port.

Image Credit: Razer

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