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Razer Lachesis 5,600dpi Review

At A Glance


Excellent, ergonomic build for people with larger hands; great sensor; ambidextrous design.


Only two side buttons are really accessible; not great for people with small hands.

The Razer Lachesis gaming mouse originally launched in 2007, with a dramatically curved, ambidextrous design and a 4,000dpi sensor. Three years later, Razer has released a new Lachesis, which is not so much a sequel as a refinement of the original.

The most important change in Lachesis 2.0 is the 5,600dpi sensor, which puts it on par with other top-end gaming mice. We don’t usually play at such a high sensitivity, but we tested it at dpi levels across the whole spectrum and found the Lachesis responsive and reliable.

The other new addition to the Lachesis is custom-color lighting. That means that (after downloading the Lachesis driver) you can change the color of the glowing scroll wheel and Razer logo to whichever of the 16 million possible shades you fancy most. Earth-shattering? Not exactly, but it is nice that you can match your mouse’s glow to your keyboard or any lights your various hardware might emit.

The Lachesis v2 may look the same as its predecessor, but it sports an improved sensor and customizable LEDs.

The Lachesis form factor hasn’t changed, but that’s all right—it’s still an amazingly ergonomic mouse. It’s bigger than your average Razer mouse, with a high-arched back and pronounced grooves on the buttons that make it a very comfortable fit for anyone with medium-to-large hands.

The right and left mouse buttons feature a solid clicking mechanism, and the mouse has two extra buttons on each side, though the buttons on the off-thumb side cannot easily be pressed without moving your hand. On top are two more buttons behind the scroll wheel, which has a tight, clicky feel, though it lacks sideways tilt functionality.

The standard raft of gaming features are all here, as well, including on-the-fly adjustable sensitivity and multiple user profiles. Nothing too exciting here.

And that’s really what you’re getting with the Lachesis: a dependable gaming mouse with a time-tested form factor, a high-caliber sensor, and solid software support. Nothing innovative, but a solid buy for the money—especially for lefties and those with size-XL hands.


Razer Lachesis 5,600dpi

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