Razer Game Booster to Store Save Files to the Cloud With New Feature

Sean D Knight

You may never know the sorrow of losing a save file again

Razer has announced its new Save Game Manager feature. The feature will be coming to its Razer Game Booster program and will allow users to save any title’s save files. The new save feature, which will be in beta upon release, is compatible with any game that has local save files and will support backup services for over 2,000 titles. Users will also be able to manually add games to take advantage of this service to Dropbox .

In addition, Save Game Manager will sync as many save game files as the user might want, free of charge, and automatically backup a player’s saves when they save their progress. However, save files are not the only things the new feature will store. Users’ game settings will also be stored to Dropbox such as resolution and anti-aliasing multipliers.

For those unfamiliar with the Razer Game Booster, it is Razer's free program that helps to optimize system settings and enhance a video game’s performance. It will turn off unnecessary processes and applications, catalog games, launch games using the application, and allow users to record in-game footage and take screenshots.

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