Razer Forms Super Alliance to Promote Switchblade in China

Paul Lilly

Earlier this year at CES, gaming peripheral maker Razer showed off its "mobile PC gaming concept design" called Switchblade . Essentially a netbook concept for gamers on-the-go, the Switchblade one-ups other handheld consoles by combining a dynamic keyboard, mobile gaming mouse (if required), and touchscreen display all rolled into a single device. No longer just a concept, Razer went and formed an alliance with Intel, the world's largest chip maker, and Tencent, China's leading provider of games and Internet services, to promote the Switchblade in China.

"This is the first time three of the biggest technology brands in China have come together," said Min-Liang Tan, CEO and Creative Director, Razer. "We're united by a common goal to deliver the best portable gaming experience to as many gamers as possible. With the Razer Switchblade's adaptive tactile keyboard, Intel's range of processors, and Tencent's popular games, this is no lofty goal -- it's happening now."

Razer said it built the Switchblade from the ground up with a focus on enhancing the user experience for playing PC games on a handheld device. Driving the device is an Intel Atom processor, and on the software side, Razer says several popular Tencent titles have been optimized to run on the Switchblade, including Dungeon and Fighter , Crossfire , League of Legends , QQ Speed , and a bunch more.

It will be interesting to see how Chinese gamers receive the Switchblade, and whether or not Razer opts to eventually market the portable gaming machine in the U.S. market.

Image Credit: Razer

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