Razer Edge Gaming Tablet Ships with Steam Software Pre-Installed

Paul Lilly

At least you won't have to worry about installing Steam.

Razer is pretty stoked to let the world know that its Edge tablet for gamers will soon come pre-installed with Valve's Steam software, enabling users to more quickly tap into their existing games library. Of course, you could always download Steam yourself, but hey, we'd rather see Steam sitting there than a bunch of trialware and other bloat that OEMs sometimes like to load their systems with. Still, we have reservations about the Edge.

Earlier today we posted our full review of the Razer Edge (SPOILER AHEAD!), awarding it a sobering 5 out of 10. Several factors led to the disappointing score, including its weight, speaker placement, fan noise, lack of a physical keyboard, and cost. We also ran into some Wi-Fi issues, especially when pairing the device with Linksys hardware.

On the plus side, it boots fast and has a respectable display. It's also good at playing games at medium settings, which bodes well for its decision to pre-load Steam.

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