Razer Dotes on Chinese Gamers with Exclusive Aurantia Keyboard


Perhaps no other country takes gaming as seriously as China, and no other company pushes gaming peripherals as hard as Razer, who arguably drove the once niche market into the mainstream sector with the introduction of its Boomslang mouse back in 2000. It seems only natural for the two to court each other, no matter what Paula Abdul sang about back before she, well, never mind.

For its part, Razer's making its interests known and will play suitor to Chinese gamers with the announcement of the Aurantia keyboard . Built exclusively for Chinese gamers and co-developed with XioFeng "Sky" Li from China's Team World Elite , the entry-level keyboard offers a bevy of customizable options, including:

  • 104 programmable keys with macro capabilities
  • Three additional keys for 'gaming mode,' 'profile switching,' and 'mute' functions
  • 10 customizable software profiles with on-the-fly switching

A detachable non-slip wrist rest and backlit keys round out the feature-set. Sound familiar? It should, because glossing over the spec sheet and available pics, the Aurantia bears more than a just a striking resemblance to the Razer Lycosa ; save for what appears to be a slightly lowered keyset on the Lycosa, the two keyboards seem to share much of the same DNA and could pass as peripheral twins. Quick, what's the Chinese term for déjà vu?

Image Credit: Razer

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