Razer Diamondback


It’s ultra-sensitive--for your pleasure

Month Reviewed: February 2005
Verdict: 9
URL: www.razerzone.com

We’re not going to waste time writing about Razer’s miss-and-miss history with high-precision gaming mice. We’re just going to say that the new Diamondback is the smoothest, most accurate-feeling mouse we’ve ever tested.

The two main buttons are slightly larger than we’d like, but their chubbiness isn’t unacceptable. And unlike earlier Razer mice, you can actually put pressure on the Diamondback’s buttons without accidentally clicking and shooting your buddy in the head, which is definitely nice. We’re not as enthusiastic about the side buttons. There are four poorly positioned side-mounted buttons on the ambidextrous Diamondback, two on each side. It’s easy to hit them accidentally, and it’s practically impossible to hit the correct side button on the first attempt during a heated deathmatch. (Solution? Just don’t map the side buttons to important firing keys!)

The Diamondback’s optical sensor is the real star of this one-mouse show. The 1600dpi sensor boasts a higher refresh rate than that of other optical mice, and its ultra-high performance is manifest when you play games that demand superhuman reflexes, such as Counter-Strike. In a nutshell, the mouse is pixel-accurate, providing smoother movement than we’ve ever experienced before from any mouse—optical, mechanical, even mice of the laser persuasion.

Once you configure the bundled software, pressing the mouse’s number four button will toggle you through sensitivity settings. This is great when it comes time to use a sniper rifle, as the mouse’s extra-sensitive default setting can quickly be toggled to something less sensitive so you can dial in on a target half a mile away.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Diamondback’s sensor is actually in the proper place—under your knuckles, not under your palm. You don’t have to move your entire arm to get good mouse movement; a flick of the wrist will suffice.The awkward side-mounted buttons are a drag, but the incredible precision and smooth movement of the mouse more than make up for the relatively superficial flaws. --Will Smith

+ Field mice: If its high-resolution sensor and pixel-perfect accuracy aren’t enough, it also comes with its own carrying case.

- Lab rats: The side buttons are so difficult to use we unbound them in the control panel.

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