Nathan Edwards Aug 28, 2008

Razer DeathAdder

At A Glance


Pixel-perfect sensor, uber-comfortable design, and sexy matte finish kick serious ass.

When the Whistle Blows

No on-the-fly detents in for precision sensitivity adjustments.

We love the shape of this mouse—it’s comfortable for even the longest session—and the DeathAdder just gets better from there. The sensor delivers pixel-perfect accuracy, and we love that the driver lets us adjust everything from X and Y sensitivity to the lights on the mouse. We’re still not sold on the idea of constantly updating firmware for a mere mouse, but Razer’s built a highly compelling rodent with the DeathAdder.

The DeathAdder’s matte finish and uber-comfortable design let even the sweatiest gamers maintain pixel-perfect control during heated deathmatches.

Razer eschewed the standard laser sensor for an old-school 1800dpi 3G optical sensor. Our testing showed that this third-gen optical sensor offers virtually indistinguishable performance compared to laser sensors. Now, even mouse sensors have their own fanboys—some hardcore gamers swear by old-style optical sensors; others prefer their mice with lasers.

But regardless of your personal preference, we think you’ll find that the DeathAdder’s sensor kicks ass. The mouse itself is extremely comfortable, even for extended gaming sessions, and the buttons are perfectly placed for palm-grip gamers. Gamers who use a claw grip may find this particular mouse a touch narrow. Combined with the uber-comfortable matte finish, the DeathAdder rivals the Logitech G5 for comfort.

Our only complaint is that the DeathAdder offers too much granular control for quick in-game sensitivity adjustment. Instead of dedicated sensitivity switching buttons that toggle between two or three settings, you must bind one of the mouse’s five buttons to on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment in the Razer control panel, and then use the scroll wheel to hone in on the desired sensitivity. If you don’t adjust sensitivity on-the-fly, this shouldn’t pose a problem for you. But if you do, it could be a deal-breaker.


Razer DeathAdder

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